Focused Awareness Shift Technique
eprocessing Emotional Subjective Experience Traits

This website is dedicated to FastReset®, a powerful, groundbreaking technique that quickly and gently transforms negative emotions and clears traumas.
I spent several years developing and testing the FastReset® method. It's been incredibly useful in my personal life and in my work with countless suffering patients.
Now I want to share it with the largest possible audience.
FastReset® can be extremely useful for anyone who wants freedom from old patterns causing them emotional pain and limiting their self-expression. Even more, FastReset® is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to develop higher levels of insight and self-awareness.

Dr. Maria Grazia Parisi - Medical doctor and psychotherapist

What is FastReset®?

FastReset® is a groundbreaking technique for emotional healing based on a simple physiological principle.
It involves a conscious and specific focusing of attention, sometimes accompanied by a gesture, which leads to emotional cognitive integration.
Through this simple method, often autonomous and unconscious emotional reactions are replaced with a spontaneous, positive reframing of the previous state.
This immediately leads to a new evaluation of what is actually happening. Subsequent behavior is coherently modified without the need for additional external inputs, suggestions, or conditioning.

As a result, uncomfortable situations or negative attitudes ("I can’t help it") can be perceived in a totally different way.
New solutions to old problems arise autonomously rather than being self-imposed.

It often takes just a few minutes for FastReset®
to generate positive effects, promoting the immediate recovery of a more appropriate and conscious response.
Since it employs a natural neurological process, the
method can’t be considered a therapy. However, by inducing emotional and cognitive realignment, it can be useful for alleviating, most of time durably, a wide range of discomforts, including phobias and post-traumatic syndromes.



The FastReset® method is easy to use, including on oneself. The basic technique is meant for personal use only and can be learned by reading my book and related articles. For professional use, it is imperative to attend one of my trainings.
Any use of the
FastReset® name and/or brand for professional purposes without the required training and/or my prior written consent will be prosecuted by law.
Under no circumstances should
FastReset® replace or arbitrarily support medical and psychological diagnosis or treatment.
No experimental data are currently available for a scientific validation of its effectiveness.
Positive results cannot be guaranteed and side effects can’t be excluded.
Anyone using the
technique as taught in my books and courses must accept that its use is carried out under their sole responsibility.