Dr. Maria Grazia Parisi

Dr. Maria Grazia Parisi is a medical doctor, psychotherapist, and developer of the FastReset® technique.

She operates in Milan (Italy).

Dr. Parisi has been working as a therapist for over 25 years. She uses psychotherapy, complementary medicine (Bach flower remedies, phytotherapy, oligotherapy) and rapid emotional release techniques to successfully treat patients suffering from emotional and psychosomatic issues.

An acclaimed author and speaker, Dr. Parisi gives frequent trainings in her field and is invited to speak in leading medicine and psychology forums. She collaborates with professional journals, radio, and tv programmes. 

Her latest
s books are:

FastReset® - Il metodo rapido di guarigione emotiva

® - The Rapid Emotional Healing Method)
Sperling & Kupfer ed.


La Soluzione FastReset®

La Soluzione

® Resolution)

Sperling & Kupfer ed.


Dimagrire con il FastReset®


(Slim down with FastReset®)
Sperling & Kupfer ed.