FastReset® Course

The FastReset® Course covers the basics of the FastReset® technique for rapid emotional integration and healing.
This technique combines a simple and effective neurological mechanism with specific cognitive tools. It quickly - and often permanently - helps shift or release emotional reactions that are causing discomfort.

The course is organized into two sessions over two weekends.

Weekend 1:
FastReset® basics; how to use FastReset® for self-help; guided self-treatment practice sessions

Weekend 2: applications of the FastReset® technique, with a special focus on trauma and phobias; theory and practice for using FastReset® on others


FastReset® Entry-Level Course

The Entry-Level Course covers the basic principles of FastReset®, its main applications, an overview of self-treatment techniques, and an introduction to using the technique on others.
The Entry-Level Course is also a great opportunity to practice the technique on oneself and fellow participants.
No specific experience or professional skills are needed to take the Entry-Level course
, the only requirement being the willingness to work on oneself

Entry-Level Course Syllabus (2 days)

Physiology of emotions
Connection between body and emotions   
Neurobiological outline and introduction to the technique
Focusing, integrating, and releasing emotions
Simple mode
Partial integration mode
Complete integration mode
Basic protocols
Identifying and treating resistance points
Sample situations and examples of treatment


FastReset®  Advanced Level Course

The Advanced Level Course covers the contents of the core course in greater detail, with greater emphasis on detecting and treating problems caused by traumatic events, phobias, and anxiety-related discomforts.
It also illustrates the bio-psychological mechanisms that trigger emotional reactions, which is very helpful in applying the
FastReset® technique in daily life.
In order to enroll in the
Advanced Level Course, participants must have completed the Entry-Level Course.
Participants who complete the
Advanced Level Course will receive a Certificate of Attendance which is strictly required to become Practitioner.

IMPORTANT: The Advanced Level Course provides an in-depth knowledge of the FastReset® technique.  It does not entitle participants to perform alternative psychotherapy of any kind or to act outside the framework of the professional practice as established by the law.

Advanced Level Course Syllabus (2 days)

Neurobiology of trauma and phobias
Understanding and treating trauma and mourning
Fears, phobias, anxiety-related issues and how to treat them
Assessing and treating blocking emotions, withdrawal, conflict, rejection, surrender, etc.
Primary needs non-recognition: analysis and resolution
Treating others, empathy, syntony/disharmony, state of flux
Identifying and treating difficulties commonly encountered by Providers

Sample situations and treatment